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© Copyright Simon Lewis



Using The Photos

All the photos on West Country Views are the
collection of Cornwall based photographer
Simon Lewis

 Photos © Copyright Simon Lewis

  • All the photos downloadable from the West Country Views website can be used for free in publications such as websites, newspapers, brochures, books, magazines, post cards and TV programs.
  • You do not need to ask my permission to use my photos in your publications, but you must include my credit in any publication. If the publication is a printed publication, you must also send me a printed copy of the publication. Please email me for my postal address at
  • My credit is :-
    © Copyright Simon Lewis
  • If the photo is published on a website, you must also link my website address to
  • Please note that the photos on West Country Views are in the resolution 800x530 pixels. This resolution is only suitable for printing at small sizes, approximately 3x2 inches at 300ppi quality and slightly larger sizes at reduced quality.
  • If you need high resolution versions of photos, I charge a fee of 10 for each high resolution photo.
  • To obtain a high resolution photo, please contact me at and supply :- your name, your address and a list of the photos you want (e.g. Looe01)
  • My photos are available in the following resolutions :-
    • 2013-16 4352x3264 pixels suitable for printing at A4 at 300ppi quality
    • 2004-12, 2592x1944 pixels, suitable for printing at 9x7 inches at 300ppi quality and suitable for printing at A4 at slightly reduced quality
    • 2001-03, 1760-1168 pixels, suitable for printing at 6 x 4 inches at 300ppi quality
  • Normally I supply high resolution photos by email, or if required they can be supplied on CD-R.
  • I will then send you an invoice by email for 10 per photo. The invoice will contain details of how you can pay me. I accept payment by cheque, online credit/debit card, bank transfer and I also have a PayPal account.
  • The cost of 10 per photo allows you to use the photo in any website, document or publication that you are involved with for your own business, or on behalf of another business. It does not allow the photo on its own, to be sold to another individual or organisation. It does not grant exclusive use of a photo.
  • If you pay my 10 fee, you do not need to include my copyright notice in your publication and you do not need to send me printed publications
  • To pay your invoice online, click Invoice Payment

Contact Details

  • Email me at
  • I always aim to respond to emails within 24 hours
  • Mobile phone : 07901 667823
  • Due to commitments, I may be unavailable by phone on certain days


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