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Leball Heading

Leball Wood Photos

10 photos of Leball Wood, South East Cornwall

Leball Wood is a small Forestry Commission woodland in south east
Cornwall in the Glynn Valley. The Glynn Valley is west of Dobwalls
on the A38. On the A38 there is a turning by a cottage signposted
to Cardinham. Take this turning and cross a bridge. A short
distance past the bridge, there is a bend to the left and the
entrance to Leball Wood is on the bend. There is space for several
cars to park but signs warn not to block the entrance.

Leball Wood Photos Copyright Simon Lewis
All photos are available in hi-res versions for use
in publications such as websites, newspapers, brochures,
magazines & post cards. For details click Using The Photos

A set of 10 photos of Leball Wood photographed on 15 April 2014
Photos available in hi-res versions 4352x3264 pixels.

photo of leball wood entrance
Leball 01
photo of trail into leball wood
Leball 02
photo of leball wood woodland trail
Leball 03
photo of leball wood trees
Leball 04
photo of trees at leball wood
Leball 05
photo of gorse on woodland trail at leball wood
Leball 06
photo of trail at leball wood
Leball 07
photo of fir trees at leball wood
Leball 08
photo of leball wood trees
Leball 09
photo of country lane near leball wood
Leball 10


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