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7 photos of Gara Rock, South Devon
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Gara Rock is a rock out crop on the cliffs above Seacombe Sand in South Devon. There is a look out post with fine views. Gara Rock can be reached on the coast path from East Portlemouth and Mill Bay in South Devon with a walk of about 2 miles. There is also an inland path from Mill Bay to Gara Rock. East Portlemouth is about 9 miles from Kingsbridge. At Kingsbridge take the A379 east and on the A379 at Frogmore there is a right turning sign posted to East Portlemouth. Note this route is under water at high tide. There is a car park at East Portlemouth and Mill Bay. Photos include photos of Gara Rock from the coast path and looking down on Seacombe Sand from the look out post.
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Gara Rock Photos Copyright Simon Lewis
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A set of 7 photos of Gara Rock photographed on 25 June 2013

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Gara Rock Photo
Gara Rock 01
Gara Rock Photo
Gara Rock 02
Gara Rock Photo
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Gara Rock Photo
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Gara Rock Photo
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Gara Rock Photo
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Gara Rock Photo
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